Feb 19, 2024 : Carmel Treasures unfolded a captivating journey of learning and exploring. The session started with invoking God’s blessings on everyone through a devotional prayer song by Sir Prajwal and students of grade X. Sr. Preena A.C warmly extended her gracious welcome to all, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey into the illustrious world of Carmel treasure. Sr Maria Gracilda A.C. the principal welcomed the resource persons with potted saplings. The unveiling of the Mother of Carmel statue marked the inauguration, a moment etched in creativity and grace in the presence of all the dignitaries.

Sr. Reshma Cardoza A.C. and Sr.Lenita Lobo A.C. introduced Carmel Treasures, weaving a tapestry of enlightenment. Engaging topics like nature meditation, value-based living, personal connections, and goal-oriented choices resonated vibrantly.

The sessions, orchestrated by the dynamic speakers, transcended conventional boundaries. Sr. Reshma Cardoza's exploration of nature meditation, Sr. Lenita Lobo's introspection on personal connections, and Sir Prajwal's profound exploration of God elevated minds.

Under the guidance of Tr. Reema, goal-oriented choices were navigated with finesse. The holistic approach intertwined group activities, games, action songs, and demonstrations, ensuring every student was an active participant. Sr Maria Gracilda A C. in her message to the students expressed that, living a value-based life is a challenge, a gradual journey filled with constant struggles. The greatest wealth lies in values and treasures, enabling survival independently. These values were further explained by giving examples like If wealth is lost, nothing essential is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; but if character is lost, everything is lost. Making right choices at the right time ensures a fruitful and meaningful life. In a grand finale, each student received a captivating Carmel Treasures leaflet, unveiling the essence of our memorable session. The air was filled with jubilation as delectable ice cream was generously served, marking the culmination of an extraordinary experience.

The grand culmination, wrapped in prayer and a creatively woven evaluation, reflected the essence of Carmel Treasures. Joyston Dias beautifully compered the programme. Afsha eloquently delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, leaving an indelible mark on the collective gratitude.

In this symphony of wisdom and engagement, all the students emerged not merely as spectators but as active participants, contributing to the tapestry of Carmel Treasures with enthusiasm and zeal.

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