In a poignant celebration of transitions, Carmel School CBSE Moodbidri orchestrated a heartfelt farewell for its grade 10 students on February 8, 2024. The day commenced with a soul-stirring Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration led by Rev Fr Onil Dsouza . His address resonated with a call for students to embrace virtuous qualities, becoming beacons of light for others.

Rev Fr Onil Dsouza concluded the Mass with a special prayer, bestowing blessings upon the outgoing students, setting a profound tone for the rest of the day.
Transitioning to the school hall, a cultural spectacle unfolded. Class IX students, brimming with enthusiasm, organized the farewell, leaving an indelible mark of nostalgia.

The cultural program commenced with a poignant prayer service, invoking divine blessings. In a solemn ceremony, Sr. Gracilda, the principal, illuminated the lamp, joined by distinguished figures including Sr. Elena, the administrator, Sr. Preena, the Vice Principal, Sr. Evelyn Marie, Sr. Rosy, Sr. Ranitha, the coordinators, Tr. Clara, along with the esteemed Head boy Shaun and Assistant Head boy Joswin, creating an impressive and symbolic moment of unity and enlightenment. Class IX students extended a graceful welcome to the gathering through an artful dance, setting the tone for the rest of the day. Ralph Menezes of Class IX then eloquently welcomed esteemed guests. After the welcome, the air was filled with camaraderie as Class IX students, graced the stage with a poignant skit giving a message “ What you are is a gift of God and what you become is a your gift to God”.

The auditorium resonated with emotion as a soulful farewell song, performed by Class X students, echoed through the halls.

Grade IX Rowan Rodriguez and Mohammad Muzaif in a touching gesture, shared heartfelt experiences about their seniors and extended warm wishes for their future endeavours’.

A mesmerizing song medley captivated every heart, showcasing the students' artistic talents. Deepthi and Benaisha, the eloquent voices of Grade X, crafted a heartfelt farewell speech as they expressed profound gratitude to each teacher and sister, leaving an indelible mark on the emotional fabric of the entire school community. The outgoing students were then blessed and led in a prayer by our administrator Sr Elena , Sr Gracilda A.C, with unwavering resolve and grace, solemnly undertook the oath for the illustrious Grade X, marking a momentous commitment to knowledge, excellence, and the pursuit of academic distinction. The auditorium glowed as the outgoing students prayed, holding small lamps that infused the atmosphere with a sense of divinity.

A cinematic journey unfolded as a moving video presentation featured the outgoing students, capturing moments from their earliest days at Carmel School. The program's standout moment was a captivating mime show illustrating the profound journey of human life, from the dawn of birth to the full bloom of adulthood.
Sr Maria Gracilda A C , in her inspiring speech, conveyed a powerful message using an eagle-themed video, urging students to embrace change for a renewed life, soaring high like an eagle.

She further urged students to keep faith, trust in God, respect one another, and shine in all situations. Mementos were bestowed upon each outgoing student as a symbol of love and gratitude.

The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Shaun Pinto of Class X, expressing gratitude to the management, staff, and juniors for the overwhelming love during the touching farewell. The event was skilfully compered by Keerthan Salian and Hiba Shaikh of Class IX. Trs. Pramila and Sangeetha have garnered commendation for their exceptional training of Grade IX students, while Tr. Clara stands out for her remarkable guidance and unwavering support to the students of Grade X.

The farewell culminated with a sumptuous meal, leaving the departing students with sweet memories to cherish forever.

Carmel School bid adieu to Class X in a truly impressive and memorable fashion. The farewell program, a tapestry of spirituality and heartfelt farewells, marked not just an end but the beginning of a new chapter for the outgoing students—a journey to shape destinies and illuminate paths for others.

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