Feb 27, 2024 : The celebration at Carmel School began with a heartfelt prayer song conducted by Grade 1 B honoring the diversity of languages and cultures around the world.

A warm welcome was extended by Grade 1 B to all the attendees, emphasizing the importance of preserving and promoting mother languages as a vital aspect of cultural identity.

An enchanting welcome dance showcased by Grade 1 B the beauty and richness of our cultural heritage, setting the tone for the rest of the event.

An energetic action song was staged by Grade 1 A engaged participants, celebrating the joy of language through music and movement.

A mesmerizing cultural dance performance by Grade 1 B captivated the audience, highlighting the vibrancy and dynamism of our linguistic traditions.

Grade 1 B underscored the significance of Mother Language Day as a means to raise awareness about linguistic diversity and promote multilingualism for sustainable development.

Nursery section students were praised for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm throughout the academic year .

Ms Jovita Nisha Miranda, Lecturer of Holy Rosary P.U. College Moodbidri, our distinguished guest shared the insights on the importance of preserving mother languages, emphasizing its impact in fostering social cohesion and intercultural understanding.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Grade 1 B students expressing gratitude to all participants and supporters for their contribution in making this celebration a grand success.

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