A. Moral and Spiritual Education:
Daily Morning Prayer and assembly was one of several important and good practices of the school. Each class prepared well for it with a specific theme with motivational thoughts, skits and news. Value Education, Moral Science and Catechism classes were conducted regularly. The Eucharistic Sacrifice and the sacrament of reconciliation were part of spiritual growth. A day of prayer and reflection was arranged for Catholics and Non-Catholics separately.  The students were helped to live in love and harmony respecting one another’s faith and beliefs by celebrating the major religious festivals like Ramzaan, Deepavali and Christmas with meaningful prayer services and programmes, thereby fostering unity and tolerance.

B. Intellectual Enhancement and Excellence : The school provided ample opportunities to the students at all levels to develop their intellectual capacities to the maximum and the students were given various projects according to their level.  The guided library period every week awakened in them a taste to value books and creates a desire to read good books, and not just depend on the internet for their assignments. Monthly competitions were held like Extempore, Design with pulses, with flower petals, Pratibha Karanjee etc helped them to develop their innate talents and foster growth.

C.  Cultural and Co- curricular Activities: Extracurricular activities provided a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom in a real-world context, and were thus considered an integral part of a well-rounded education. Carmel Feast was celebrated. Children acted out a small skit how the Apostolic Carmel Congregation was started and grew. After lunch games were conducted for the students. Independence Day was celebrated with March fast, Flag hoisting - along with the students of Holy Rosary High School.  Teacher‘s’ day, Children’s Day, Parents Day and Thanksgiving Day were celebrated, with meaningful programme.

Physical Education was part and parcel of the school. Sports day was organized with 100 metres, 200 metres, walking races, Ball throw, Shot-put events. Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee year of Holy Rosary High School was combined with annual day of Carmel School.   A thanksgiving day was celebrated in the School. There was a short cultural programme to showcase the learning of the students in the school.  In the afternoon there was the exhibition of holiday homework, craft work and on environment – Uses of plants Various plants were displayed and their uses were explained by the students.  We appreciated the support and co-operation of the parents.

D. Out –reach and Social Concern: The students were taken on a field visit to Jyothi Nagar School, Moodbidri to share the Christmas joy.  Had a cultural programme and shared stationery items sweets, snacks, tooth paste, soaps etc. brought by children. There was a day out in our campus just like picnic; where the students had their lunch out in the garden.

In conclusion the school had a fruitful year with various activities and learning. The school appreciates the hard work of the teachers and support and co-operation of the parents.

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